My name is Cynthia Salas Rodriguez. I am currently enrolled in the Master’s of Educational Technology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in early childhood. I am currently employed by ECISD as a CTE Commercial Photography teacher at RVHS.

The purpose of my e-Portfolio is to engage with the community via the internet. I have a  passion for teaching, photography, writing, technology, and publishing.  I believe that these passions are interconnected and are part of a lifetime goal of someday becoming an inspirational speaker and author.

I organized my e-Portfolio by introducing myself, my current educational goals and my current work status. A reflection letter is included detailing my experiences as a Master’s of Educational Technology student. Furthermore, a standards matrix table is included with the professional standards required for this program. I  included the courses I have taken to give my readers a glance of my training in the area of educational technology. As part of my credentials, I included my leadership accolades and  other awards in my profile.

My e-Portfolio is simple to follow by clicking on each tab below my name. I currently do not have information on plug-ins, Web browser, etc. The equipment needed is as follows: (                                              ). This portfolio was last updated 09/16/2018.